Low back pain can be of different origins, one of which is the sacroiliac joint. Pain in this region is frequently misdiagnosed for facet pain o discogenic pain. Some expertise and a thorough clinical examination is needed to rule out this problem, as no image test is really acurate defining this disease.
Sacroilitis is caused by an overload of the sacroiliac joint. That’s why patients with long lumbar spine fusion constructs increase their chances to suffer this condition. When a mobility block is present in the lumbar region, the next demanded joint is the sacroiliac, thus resulting in an increase of the range of motion thereof and mechanical overload.

iFuse is design to give a primary fixation to the joint as well as inducting bone fusion without the need of any bonegraft. iFuse is implanted with a minimally invasive technique through a 3 cm incision on the side of the buttock in less than 1h. You’ll be discharged in 24h, though you’ll need a pair of crutches for 3 weeks to enhance the fusion rate.

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