ApiFix® Surgery

Patients with adolescent scoliosis above 30º must use corsets in order to avoid progression and surgery. When a curvature grows beyond 45º, children are candidates for spine surgery, which means assuming moderate to high intraoperative and postoperative risks, specially those related to spinal cord damage.

ApiFix is an innovative device that can be implanted with a minimally invasive low risk technique and allows slow progressive correction of the initial curve along the following months, just by doing some daily exercises. A flexible curve is necessary, as it’s not the device which applies correction to the spine itself, but just keeps the amount of correction gained every day with exercises.

Not all scoliotic spines are suitable for ApiFix implantation. Some criteria must be fulfilled, first of which is flexibility. Although age is not a limiting factor, 10 to 15 y/o children are common candidates for this operation when diagnosed of a single structural thoracic or thoracolumbar curve (Lenke types 1 or 5) between 35 and 60 degrees. Over 65% of adolescent scoliotic curves meet these criteria.

The cost of surgery with ApiFix is not only lower because of directly diminishing the cost of implants, but also because of short hospital stay (24h), short surgical procedure (<1h), no blood loss and less general risks, like infections or spinal cord concerns.

You can listen to these young patients about their experience with ApiFix.

Our Spine Surgery Team is largely trained in deformity and minimally invasive techniques, and performs ApiFix surgery following the highest medical standards in Europe.

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