I do not speak Spanish. Will that be a problem?

No. If you need so, an english speaking agent will pick you up at the Airport and carry you to or from the hotel or clinic. A printed schedule will show the meeting times; anyhow you will be able to call your agent at any time to solve any problems or even translate on the fly conversations with non-english speaking hospital staff. Moreover, all beds at the Hospital are provided with a touchscreen for internet navigation and mailing, so your doctor will be in touch by email and quick messages.

Where did the professionals in the FlytoSpine Team obtain their MD degrees and Specialities?

All our doctors and nurses come from Spain and attended Spanish Medical Schools. Their residencies were completed in Spanish Hospitals, except for short stays in other European and North-American Centers. They regularly attend  international meetings and courses either as lecturers or learners of new surgical techniques and advances. Know our Team here.

What is the expertise of the FlytoSpine Team in Spine Surgery?

We believe that staying focused on a narrow field of practise leads to an increase in quality of outcomes. Our surgeons perform over 300 spine procedures every year since 2003, setting a record of 389 surgical interventions in 2012.

In the event of an unexpected complication, is the Hospital ready to manage it?

Our base Hospital is a private ultimate facility covering any human or technical need. The Surgical Unit has 7 operating theaters, 8 post-anesthetic recovery boxes and a fully equipped ICU with 8 more boxes. An Emergency Service is available 24h

How long will I need to be hospitalized?

It depends on the procedure. Some percutaneous techniques are performed in an outpatient basis. Non instrumented lumbar procedures and cervical spine surgery usually take 24h. Instrumented lumbar operations may vary from 24 to 72h, depending on the openness of the procedure. Anyway you will be discharged as soon as possible, for a more comfortable recovery with walks, sunbaths or other soft activities at your hotel. You will be visited daily by our nurses and/or doctors, until you can get your fitness-to-fly certificate.

What about the expenses in case I need to stay longer than expected?

According to our new strategy aiming at simplifying our surgical forfaits, accommodation and transportation are no longer included in our packs. Though real postoperative stay seldom deviates from our estimations, you will be previously informed about the cost of extra in-patient nights.

What is the quality of implants used by FlytoSpine?

We can offer a wide variety of options, depending on the type of technique to be practised. Unless you ask for a paticular device, you will always be offered high quality North-American or European CE marked implants.

More questions?

Please, feel free to ask here.