Our surgical team has been pioneering dynamic surgery in Spain. First Bryan prostheses were implanted in Zaragoza by Dr. Ferrández in 1998 and first lumbar Maverick (Medtronic) in 2002, and ever since, he has been practising this kind of bio-dynamic approach for patients who can benefit from motion preservation, especially young patients and athletes.

After a correct patient selection, a good surgical technique makes the difference. It is critical to preserve, at least partially, the posterior longitudinal ligament, which acts as a tension band after height restoration, preventing kyphotic failures and stabilizing the cervical region. Another key point is to avoid spreading bone-dust by drilling, probably the main reason for heterotopic ossification and motion termination. In fact, best case indications for cervical disk replacement shouldn’t need any spur drilling, as this would be a sign of joint degeneration, less eligible to preserve motion.


At the lumbar region, our wide experience with anterior retroperitoneal approaches, either for disk replacement or fusion techniques warrants a successful outcome. In any case, we always have the assistance of a Vascular Surgeon. Recovery after anterior surgery is certainly quicker and more comfortable, as the posterior muscles remain untouched. You’ll be able to go to the gym and back to work really soon.

We trust restricted mobility artificial discs like ESP (FH Orthopedics) or the forthcoming Freedom (Axiomed), which render a natural or slightly less than natural mobility, achieving excellent segmental stability.

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