What is Lolas’ Therapy for Premenstrual Syndrome?

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Dr. Jorge Lolas-Talhami is a Chilean Gynecologist who is treating Severe Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) from a different point of view. His long experience on this subject, with more than 1500 women treated since 1979 was the main reason why we started to use his technique. His original hypothesis on an infectious/inflammatory uterine origin of this disease, has turned to be correct after recent studies on inflammatory mediators have disentangled the pathophysiology of some diseases previously misunderstood, like depression, hair decay or atherosclesoris.

Chronic cervicitis, as a main manifestation of uterine chronic inflammation, is considered to be the cause of all symptoms of PMS (more than one hundred), either physical or psychoaffective. High levels of inflammation mediators, like prostaglandins or interleukines have been demonstrated to correlate with the severity of premenstrual symptoms. Lolas’ results after more than 40 years of clinical practice have been published by OJOG.

What does the process consist of?

A thorough evaluation of the clinical picture and physical examination are needed as a first step. That means a first appointment of about 2 hours. Then 6 to 12 injections on a weekly basis are delivered into the cervical stroma to inactivate infection and inflammation. When the cervix is ready, cryosurgery is the following step, which adds stability to the final result. This procedure takes about 2-3 hours and absolute rest is needed for some days thereafter. Regeneration of the cervix takes 2 to 3 months. During this period, some patients can feel even worse than when injections were acting, but this phase is transient and the final result is usually the healing of the whole syndrome. Some more injections are necessary after surgery and a second cryotherapy is seldom needed (extremely severe cases).

How can we help?

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Would you like to know how severe is your own syndrome? Answer this short questionnaire and get your score by email.

Since this therapy is only available in Chile and Spain at the moment, we are offering full support for our patients. We help you find hotels or apartments by our clinic. All treatment sessions and revisions are included in this pack for 6 months. Automatically get an estimate for your treatment here. If you have decided to come, please provide our team with this long questionnaire before your first visit. Thank you.