Dr. Ferrandez implants first ApiFix in Spain

Dr. Ferrandez implants first ApiFix in Spain

A 16-year-old girl suffering from adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) underwent surgery on September 4th by Dr. Ferrandez. He was assisted by Dr. Nick Sekouris, an orthopedic surgeon from the Orthopedic Medical Center in Athens and a member of the ApiFix implantation

group since its inception. The patient was discharged from the hospital within 48 hours with minimal discomfort.

She had a 52° lumbar curve and a noticeable hump in her upper back, which flattened immediately after surgery. The curve improved to 27°, and there was minimal bleeding or muscle strain during and after the procedure.

The ApiFix system allows adolescents with flexible curves to undergo surgery with low risks, minimal discomfort, and high mobility after surgery. The system can maintain the degree of correction the patients achieve on their own. Specific exercises begin three weeks after surgery, allowing the device to lengthen gradually, building upon the initial correction achieved during surgery.

Dr. Sekouris, based on his experience, noted that the correction is maintained even after implant removal, provided it remains in place for a sufficient amount of time (e.g., at least 6 months). He stated, «The ApiFix system should be considered for all eligible cases, as the benefits clearly outweigh any drawbacks, including cost.


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