Dr. Ferrandez implants first ApiFix in Spain

Dr. Ferrandez implants first ApiFix in Spain

A sixteen year old girl suffering from adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) was operated on September 4th by Dr. Ferrandez with the assistance of Dr. Nick Sekouris, an orthopedic surgeon from the Orthopedic Medical Center in Athens, and member of the ApiFix implantation group from the very beginning. The patient was discharged from Hospital less than 48 hours later with no discomfort. She had a 52º lumbar curve and a prominent thoracic hump which flattened immediately after lumbar surgery. The curve went down to 27º and bleeding or muscle distress were minimal during and after surgery.

ApiFix allow adolescents with flexible curves to undergo surgery with low risk, low discomfort and high postoperative mobility. The system is capable of keeping the grade of correction the patients are able to gain by themselves. Some exercises started three weeks after surgery allow the device to lengthen telescopically, increasing the initial intraoperative correction.

Dr. Sekouris, based on his own experience, mentioned that correction is maintained even though the implant is removed, if it has remained implanted time enough. «This kind of device should be used in every eligible case, as the benefits clearly overcome any drawbacks, including cost», he stated.


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