Spinal Remote Examination

Spine ExaminationIf you have already been offered spine surgery and are considering to have it abroad, FlytoSpine.com will help you get a Second Opinion Medical Report and the possibility to have your operation done in Alicante, Spain, by a highly trained Spine Team in a technologically advanced Hospital. You will first need an evaluation by your foreign doctors. At FlytoSpine.com patients provide our Medical Team with any kind of information needed through our online platform. Images as well as documents can be uploaded after completing our form-based interview and examination. Doctors will issue a Diagnostic Report including surgical and non-operative recommendations, and will determine the procedure that best fits your case. If you asked for an approximate quotation too, you will also find attached a formal estimate for your operation in Alicante. Keep in mind that the helthier you are, the lower price you’ll get. Weight is particularly a key factor to keep your expenses low.