It is highly advisable that you provide us with all relevant documents and test results about your disease you have with you. For CD/DVD uploading, you should pack the whole content into one folder, one .zip or image file (.iso, learn it here) before submitting.

For the purpose of uploading your files you can use any of the available open cloud services like Google Drive, DropBox, Box, WeTransfer, etc. Send your access links to or wait for our doctors to contact you and give you their preferred email account. Please, label your files with your name and contained test.

Suggested tests to be sent:

  • Lumbar: MRI scan* (with gadolinum if you have already been operated), plain frontal and lateral X-rays* (mandatory if you have any implants), dynamic X-rays, frontal and lateral full spine X-rays (long cassette), EMG, other reports.
  • Cervical: MRI scan*, plain frontal and lateral X-rays* (mandatory if you have any implants), dynamic and oblique X-rays, frontal and lateral full spine X-rays (long cassette), EMG, other reports
  • Scoliosis: frontal and lateral full spine X-rays including pelvis and both hips (long cassette)*, supine bendings*, MRI scan, other reports
  • Kyphosis:  frontal and lateral full spine X-rays (long cassette)*, lateral thoracic spine lying supine over bolster*, MRI scan, other reports

*basic tests