GelStix® Hydrogel

GelStixHydrogels are water insoluble hydrophilic polymers used in a wide range of medical fields for drug delivery or tissue replacement: heart surgery, gynecology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, and orthopedic surgery. These polymers show highly biocompatible characteristics and low tissue adherence.

GelStix is a new application of hydrogels to disk degenerative disease, the firs open door to disk regeneration. Un to three small dry sticks are inserted into the degenerated disk space through a needle under local anesthesia. After some hours, the gel gets swollen up to ten times its original volume by absorbing body fluids, thus restoring pressure inside the disk space. Moreover, the stick has been embedded with different chemicals and has the ability to correct pH deviations and inactivate pain related transmitters.

Our surgical team has a wide experience in percutaneous intradiscal procedures and is one of the first using GelStix.

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